Pranay Prakash

Let's face it. You're a busy person, I'm a busy person, and this website doesn't really need to exist. Yet another medium for me to tell you the same things about me and brag about all the different things I do in a rather hopeless attempt to get you, like the thousands of other people seeing this, to believe that I'm worth your time. Gosh, this is depressing. You, sitting here, continuing to read my monologue on how much time you're wasting reading this, but you can't help it, can you? The curiosity is crawling at you from the inside. Maybe, just maybe, there's some meaning to all this and at the end and you may find solace in the fact that you stuck through it all and benefited and made back the time you lost. Wow, 29 seconds just passed by since you started reading this. 29 seconds of your life you'll never get back. Go ahead, read the last two sentences of this paragraph and the come back. See? There is no point in this suffering. There is no way to win a game that's stacked up against you. It benefits me in the slightest way by removing all time sensitive dependencies from my website in an attempt to save time updating content while successfully wasting a lifetime in cumulative time. Tick. Tock. There goes another 19 seconds. After all this, you stil wonder if there is an end to this suffering? Well, there isn't. This is just a way to make you waste more time:


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